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General Information

Essignments.com is a general-purpose electronic submission system that gives instructors the ability to accept completely paperless assignments. Students use the system to submit assignment materials to course instructors via the Internet, and instructors likewise can use the system to provide feedback on graded assignments to the students.  It was originally developed to solve the problems associated with collecting assignments for large courses, but can be used for any size course and is ideal for distance learning initiatives.

Benefits of Paperless Assignment Submissions

Some of the benefits of using electronic files include:

  • Eliminates bulky stacks of paper.
  • Reduced the likelihood of lost assignments.
  • Can be easily searched for comparing student submissions.

Benefits of Essignments.com

  • Its Web interface for students and instructors make it accessible from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • It supports an unlimited number of students and instructors.
  • Instructors can define multiple courses and multiple assignments for each course.
  • Instructors can define date and time ranges of when files for each assignment can be submitted.
  • Its integrated archive program allows instructors to retrieve all student files with a few mouse-clicks for off-line grading.
  • Instructors can easily keep an electronic archive of all student work as it was submitted and after it has been graded.
  • It supports any file format from any PC platform.
  • It's more structured than using disparate email systems (especially for large classes).
  • Zero network administration required as instructors and students maintain their own accounts.
  • It maintains an audit log file of all system activity.

Users Wanted

If you are interested in using Essignments.com for your courses, or if you are interested in licensing Essignments.com technology for use at your site, please contact Professor Kyle Lutes at kdlutes@delmarit.com for further information.

How Students use Essignments.com

  • First-time users must create a new account.
  • Students logon using the instructor alias and course code.
  • When an assignment is due, submit documents for grading.
  • After assignments have been graded, retrieve the graded documents.

How Instructors use Essignments.com

  • Create an instructor account.
  • Add an entry for each course taught.
  • Add an entry for each assignment. Optionally specify due date, submission dates, and if students should be allowed to retrieve the file once it has been submitted.
  • Inform students of how to logon and possibly include a hyperlink from the course web page.
  • Download and install the integrated archive program (similar to WinZip, requires Microsoft Windows).
  • To retrieve the assignments for grading:
    • Request that all student files be packaged into a single archive file.
    • Retrieve and unpack the archive file. Unpacking the archive file will create a folder for each student who submitted files for the assignment. Each student folder will contain each file the student has submitted.
    • Grade the assignments as normal.
  • To provide feedback to the students (optional):
    • When grading, make marks in the original documents or create a separate score sheet document in the student folder.
    • Use the integrated archive program to repackage the student folders and files.
    • Send the updated archive file to Essignments.com.
    • Request Essignments.com to unpack the updated archive file and replace the student files with the contents of the archive file.

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